How IMM Shaped eSign for Financial Institutions in 2021

Last year, IMM accelerated digital transformations for over 1,600 banks and credit unions. Here's an overview of a few milestones we surpassed in 2021.

IMM eSign
John Levy

John Levy

John is the Executive Vice President for IMM.

With 2022 well underway, we decided to pause and reflect on the milestones our company achieved last year.  

At IMM, we’re all about growth. How we can help our customers grow, how we can grow ourselves, and how we can push the financial industry forward with technology and innovation. Now servicing more than 1,600 financial institutions, we are proud to help FIs across the country accelerate their digital transformation. Here’s an in-depth look at a few significant milestones we met as a company last year.   

Our Relationships are #1 

As more financial institution partner with us to meet their eSign needs, we are proud that many of our clients stay with us long-term. More than 30% of our customers have partnered with IMM for more than five years, and half of that group has worked with us for 10+ years. These numbers show our commitment to helping our clients succeed and we couldn’t be happier to have such loyal customers. 

Our Clients = VIP 

With our clients in mind, we developed an entirely new area of our business. The Client Experience Program was designed to ensure our clients constantly receive superior account service and management.  

We also entered into a number of partnerships to expand our available services that benefit financial institutions. Our collaboration with Notarize to offer remote online notary services reflects our commitment to providing our clients a wide variety of best-in-class services.  

Simply the Best Product and Solution Enhancements  

Last year, we were determined to step up our game in 2021, and with the introduction of eReceiptsPlus, that’s just what we did. This eTransaction application is by far the most innovative solution to date. Our patent-pending technology lets customers complete end-to-end digital transactions with embedded signature capture directly from their mobile device through SMS (text) messages.  

We also released enhanced versions of IMM eSign and IMM eSign Plus. These updates further streamline the consumer signing experience. Our clients’ needs are evolving, and we are committed to meeting and even surpassing those needs every step of the way.  

2021 was a rollercoaster for the financial industry. Uncertainty around the pandemic coupled with a troubled economy left many wondering about the future. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish and want to thank our clients and employees who helped us get here. 2022 has big shoes to fill, but we’re looking forward to reaching new milestones as the year continues.  

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